What should I bring to my consultation? 
You need to bring your dress, shoes and vision.  We recommend collecting images of necklines, sleeves, skirt shapes, etc., that have the look you are going for.  

How much do you charge for custom designs?

On average we charge between $500 - $2000, we recommend leaving some wiggle room in your budget to allow for changes as we go through the process.

The Process


Custom Bridal Couture

We start with an in-person consultation to take measurements and discuss your vision, inspiration and style. It’s your dress, so don’t be shy when it comes to sharing your ideas! We brainstorm and imagine the perfect dress while Brittany takes detailed notes for the next meeting - the design consultation.

At this meeting Brittany will also sketch in detail your dream gown, listing all its components, fabrics and embellishments. Once the design and fabrics/embellishments are agreed upon, Brittany takes exact measurements and makes all the necessary notes to begin the first draft of the custom pattern.

Following fittings are booked in at this stage and the excitement begins.

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Have you ever fallen in love with the top of one dress, and the bottom of another? Or a gown that you've seen in White or Ivory, but you would love to have it in another unique color? How about a Designer gown that was over your budget? We can create a Custom Wedding Dress to your specifications using high end fabrics and a Couture construction.