Every bride has their own reasons for choosing a vintage wedding dress.  Some of our brides are carrying on a family tradition, finding meaning in restoring an heirloom.  While others buy a pre-owned or vintage gown they want restyled to be an utterly unique, a one-of-a-kind expression of themselves.

We love reworking gowns that have been in the family for generations to feel a little more modern- adding embellishment, lowering a neckline, adding sleeves, lengthening skirts, adding  or removing layers, even adding colors and patterns!


The Process

Heirloom Bridal

Every heirloom gown is unique and requires a different approach. 

We start with an in-person consultation to discuss your vision, inspiration and style. It’s your dress, so don’t be shy when it comes to sharing your ideas! Once we have a plan in place, we move into measurements and fittings. 

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I am a bigger size than my mom/grandmother, can you make the dress fit?
Most brides are taller and larger than the original wearer of the dress. We have several tricks we use to refit vintage gowns and create the look the bride wants.

My wedding gown is antique, torn and stained, can you make the dress wearable?
We have restored dresses from as far back as 1920, and we have restyled and resized dresses from the 1920s - 1980s. We can reinforce dry rotted fabrics, or source matching fabrics and lace to use for repairs or replace parts of a dress. Brittany's background in wedding gowns and costume design and experience handling vintage and antique dresses means your heirloom will be in very experienced hands.

What should I bring to my consultation? 
You need to bring your dress, shoes and vision.  We recommend collecting images of necklines, sleeves, skirt shapes, etc., that have the look you are going for.  

Can you alter vintage veils?
We can alter or restyle your vintage veils. We often make vintage headpieces and veils that are attached to modernized hair accessories.

Do you offer cleaning of heirloom wedding gowns?

We do offer cleaning of vintage gowns, starting at $175.

How much do you charge for heirloom designs?

On average we charge between $500 - $2000, we recommend leaving some wiggle room in your budget to allow for changes as we go through the process.